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Core Values

VISION:  To Advance the Practice of Christian Counseling as an Effective Therapeutic Modality.

MISSION: To utilize Christian Counseling as a modality to teach, restore, and preserve individuals and families in crisis.

The US Agency for Christian Counseling Credential and Accreditation (USACCCA) is a no for Profit Organization established with the following purposes:

  • To promote and provide Specialized Ministry Identified for Christian Counselors.
  • To promote uniformed code of ethical standards of training and practice for Christian Counselors.
  • To promote relevant education and effective prevention programs.
  • Integrate the science of psychology and theology in a holistic approach for the emotional, psychological, and social problems of human being.
  • To establish minimum qualifications to entering, into and remaining in the specialized ministry of Christian Counseling.
  • To establish minimum educational requirements for Christian Counselors to entering into and remaining in the Specialized Ministry of Christian Counseling.